Perpetuum Lokomobile

The mind’s silver screen is glowing by a projection of a steam powered road roller, which follows a line of fossilised footsteps of ancient musicians all over the chaos-torn world.

The sole purpose of the crew in a dangerous mission is to find something, which is original and characteristic for the nature of the human kind.

Their last hope is a naive belief that they’re looking for a good thing. Something which could be used to tie the ruptured edges of the world back together. In the soundtrack joy and sorrow finds each other from a standstill moment in the middle of the mayhem.

Sound and video by Perpetuum Lokomobile

Leijonan aika (The time of Leo) is a story inspred by the events of past year. This work in progress video installation has thaught us new ways of working in long distance.

In this piece we have taken a look into the tools everyone has. What can you express with your mobile phones or pocket cameras? The interest is in the passing everyday life that so often is overlooked.

Picture by Ole Franz

Maija Holopainen is a Helsinki based musician and artist. In their art they use violins, prepared violins, bowed lyres, electronics and voice to create hypnotic soundscapes and spoken word pieces. Their musical background is in free improvisation, Nordic folk music and avant-garde. In addition to sound art Maija has recently been interested in butoh dance, imagined histories and dumbster diving.

Juska Ojajärvi is a versatile multi-instrumentalist who grew up in North Karelia and is currently based in Helsinki, Finland. He can be heard in various groups playing everything from electroacoustic Folk music to contemporary klezmer, with a progressive flair of composition recognizable whether he is playing the accordion, the synth, or the harmonium. He enjoys working in interdisciplinary fields of art and is involved in climate activism.

Minna Koskenlahti is a percussion player originally from Saarijärvi, Finland and is currently living in Helsinki. Minna is curious about finding the limits and limitlessness of her instruments, creating minimalistic, intensive and hypnotic sounds. Through her art Koskenlahti has explored topics such as colonialism, otherness, violence and how percussion and boxing fit together. Minna graduated with a master’s degree in music from the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki in 2018.

Picture by RoksethPhotography

Nea-Maria Korpelainen is a violinist from Finland at the moment living in Rotterdam. Being highly interested in different cultures and their music she has been studying different types of world music for ten years now and says the studying will never end. In June 2018 she took her master degree in Rotterdam at Codarts Hogeschool van Art en Muziek with a major in world music and Argentinian tango. Besides music Nea-Maria has an interest towards text and theatre.